This Workshop is specificially for digital marketers:
agencies, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, and course creators.

Tired of Outsourcing Headaches?

"Insourcing" Can Revolutionize Your Business

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What you'll get out of this workshop:

Learn the difference between Outsourcing & Insourcing:

Understand the fundamental differences between outsourcing and insourcing. You’ll gain knowledge and insights that you can apply to your business immediately. You’ll feel more confident in your decision-making regarding outsourcing and insourcing.

Learn how to save 16 hours a week or more and add $160k
of revenue to your bottom line:

Learn strategies to increase efficiency and revenue, by applying proven techniques to save time and generate more income. You’ll feel relieved and empowered by having more time and money to invest in your business or personal life.

Learn how to have a team of 9 people for less than the cost
of hiring one outsourced overseas team member:

You’ll discover a cost-effective approach to building a team, so that you can create a bigger and more diversified team without breaking the bank. You’ll feel excited about the possibilities of expanding your business and taking on more opportunities.

Learn the secret sauce that makes Insourcing more efficient
and more profitable than outsourcing:

You’ll uncover the key factors that make insourcing a better option than outsourcing, so that you can Implement a system that improves efficiency and profitability. You’ll feel relieved and satisfied that you have found a more effective solution for your business.

Discover all the outsourcing headaches that insourcing solves:

You’ll identify and address common outsourcing problems, so that you can solve specific outsourcing issues with insourcing.You’ll feel more in control and confident in your ability to manage your team and business effectively.

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